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There's' so much more to Spain's' coastline than the overcrowded beaches of Benidorm: the rugged coves of the Costa Brava, or Cabo de Gata in Andalucía, come close to the Mediterranean ideal, while the Atlantic beaches from Tarifa to the Portuguese frontier and the dramatic coastline of Spain's' northwest are utterly spectacular.
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more the inventory of the Spanish military is comprised of domestically-produced and imported Western weapons systems; France, Germany, and the US are the leading suppliers of military hardware since 2010; Spain's' defense industry manufactures land, air, and sea weapons systems and is integrated within the European defense-industrial sector 2019 est.
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Brexit: UK travellers to France and Spain may need proof of accommodation. Migrant boy swims to beach in Spain's' Ceuta with plastic bottles to stay afloat video. Published: 647: AM. Migrant boy swims to beach in Spain's' Ceuta with plastic bottles to stay afloat video.
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a b The Spanish Constitution does not establish any official name for Spain, even though the terms España Spain, Estado español Spanish State and Nación española Spanish Nation are used throughout the document. Nonetheless, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs established in an ordinance published in 1984 that the denominations España Spain and Reino de España Kingdom of Spain are equally valid to designate Spain in international treaties.
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You deserve it: holidays without stress and without set schedules, so you can feel completely alive. Top wines to drink and enjoy. These are Spain's' Wine Routes. Itineraries focused on wine, wineries, and related activities. See more: A journey through the festivals and traditions designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
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Moving north across the plains of La Mancha into Central Spain, picturesque Toledo stands as perhaps the historical center of the nation, a beautiful medieval city sitting atop a hill that once served as the capital of Spain before Madrid was built.
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The money paid into the EU budget by Spain helps fund programmes and projects in all EU countries like building roads, subsidising researchers and protecting the environment. Find out more about how Spain benefits from EU funding. Government of Spain.

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